Friday, September 25, 2009

Good to go

We've been cruising along on the new old bus, a 1963 GMC. Only 1 minor breakdown this season. Everyone is amazed and happy to cross the country without having to worry about breakdowns. We can even dart across slow moving streams.

Arugula's Star Farm, Columbia, TN

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The 2009 OITF Crew

Pictured below are the folks that signed on for the whole tour. They're the ones that make it happen. Besides the full-timers, two other great contributors this season were Outstanding tour veterans Katy Oursler and Aubrey Schatz, who joined us for "half tours". Also thanks to Florike Martens, our European intern, and teen interns Brighton Denevan and Joya Cazel who were there right when we needed them.

Jeremy Fenske and Elaine Skinner
Together since forever, sometimes called Jerlaine or Eleremy
J & E hail from food crazy Chi Town
Midwest work ethic keeps the rest of us movin'

Sally Summerson
Cute as her name, southern belle from Georgia
With culinary bona fides
Journalist, milk drinker

Leah Scafe
Tour mother and tall Canadian, fairest of the fair
Keeps it all together with common sense and
Profound organization skills
Looked up to by entire staff
Even Jim who is 6'4''

Jon Thurman
110% all the time
He'll do what it takes to get 'er done
Worked at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture in NY
Both on farm and in kitchen

Jim Denevan
OITF founder and figurehead
Chef gone wild
Alternately stern & over-concerned
Or distracted & barely communicating
Filled with wonder of life's wonders

Eden Reilly
Reggae enthusiast
With killer wine knowledge
Stands out in the field

Caleb Coe
Bus driver, bus driver, bus driver (that is a lot of driving)
With a full load of culinary adventurers
Safely moving from place to place
Also chef, waiter and bon vivant as needed