Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Taste of the Season

Outstanding in the Field has been very busy with events taking place across the country. Here's a peek of some of the pictures we've gathered from this year's events. It's been a very exciting successful season.

West Star Farm, Madison, WI

Powell Gardens, Kingsville, MO

Riverbend Farm, Delano, MN

Square Peg Farm, Forest Grove, OR

North Arm Farm, Pemberton, BC, Canada

Four Season Farm, Harborside, ME

Blue Willow Farm, Stevensville, MT

Full Circle Farm, Carnation, WA

Half Pint Farm, Burlington, VT

Kinnikinnick Farm, Caledonia, IL

Seattle Youth Garden Works, Seattle, WA

Munson Farms, Boulder, CO


Pam said...

Some pictures from Minnesota here...

info said...

Truly amazing these long tables...

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

This is truly a wonderful idea. I love seeing the pong tables in teh fields!

I'd like to suggest a venue for next year - a small sustainable farm in not-so-sexy upstate Pa. This couple is doing what you are but on a very small level.

Candid Wines said...

Congrats on the mention in United's Hemispheres Magazine. I was psyched to see the mention of the incredible storm that came through the dinner at Seedling Fruit farm in Michigan. Here are the pictures I took with my camera phone that day: