Monday, December 28, 2009

Get to Know

As 2010 season planning begins and we look back on our guests experiences over the years we are pleased to notice that more and more folks consider traveling to visit our farm table a great opportunity to get to know and understand a place they are unfamiliar with. Typically wherever we set the table, 25 to 40 percent of those attending are from outside the area, arriving from other states, provinces and countries. At an Outstanding in the Field event, diners are sure to mingle with both guests coming from a distance and local people who are steeped in the identity of a particular place; guests from nearby, farmers, winemakers, fishermen and cheese makers. It is great to see that the experience of a farm dinner results in a rapid familiarity and connection for travelers.

Planning for 2010: North America and a Euro Tour

After a holiday rest the Outstanding in the Field team are deeply involved in planning for the new season. This year we head out on our seventh terrestrial voyage across North America with tables, chairs and a trunk full of mismatched plates in tow, visiting both new and familiar friends. With our Farm dinner mission continuing to thrive we've decided to go even further afield. An Outstanding team of scouts, Jim Denevan, Katy Oursler and Dave Sanford are now preparing to leave for Europe with a full schedule of farm visits and chef meetings!

Jim Denevan

Katy Oursler

Dave Sanford

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emma said...

I see that you've visited several Farms in England for the Euro tour, but are you planning to have events in other countries? I live in France and would be so very happy to attend one of your dinners here!