Friday, August 24, 2007

We love our little cabins at Kinnikinnick farm

Veronica and Ian’s house had a welcoming wasp nest and Katy and Leah have just spend the last 15 minutes watching a large-eyed mouse carry it’s little babies from behind the curtain on the the window sill to somewhere up in the ceiling.

Today was flurry of emails and phone calls with the folks in Nantucket – the event is a mere 4 days away - and dealing with the Kinnikinnick final details. Leah and Veronica printed the menus, filled the water bottles, purchased tea lights and cocktails napkins – everything is set.

Jim finally arrived onto the farm this evening from California and cooked a delicious dinner from the upcoming “Farm to Table Cookbook” (to be released June 2008) for the OitF crew and the Cleverdons. Panzanella, flank steak and peaches with grappa, goat cheese and mint for dessert – recipes to come! We were fortunate to have Susan and David’s daughter Erin who works with Vin Divino to join us at the table and describe the wonders of grappa and some up and coming Austrian wines.

Dinner was nice and relaxing to take our minds off tomorrow’s event. We’ve had a number of concerns from guests and potential staff about the weather. A handful of our guests have had their flights canceled. Five of our confirmed serving staff have backed out with concerns of flooding around their houses and the en route roads. Our dinner this evening was a reassuring meeting with the Cleverdon family that there are enough hands to get things done. Erin made a few phone calls, Susan will call some students from the nearby college… cross your fingers it'll work out.

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scafe said...

Leah was raised on a farm and is very familiar with wasps and mice! We miss you Leah, have fun, don't work too hard, ENJOY!

We love you! Dad and Mom xo