Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whole Foods is our new home

Hour 8 in Whole Foods, Chicago: we love Whole Foods. They have free internet, a great deli, a lovely, creative coffee bar boy and they play great music. Now playing: Respect by Aretha Franklin.

Veronica and Ian have completed their journey across the country from Santa Cruz, CA through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa to Illinois. That’s 9 states in 7 days. And it’s been storming on them since Utah. The trip with the trailer was fairly smooth until the duo arrived in Illinois and were 3 hours away from picking up Katy and Leah who were waiting at the airport. Perfect timing for one of Illinois’ finest highway patrol officers to pull Veronica and Ian over for the lights not working on the trailer, unbeknownst to them. One $75 ticket later they were forced to backtrack to the nearest 24 hour truck stop to call a mechanic out for repairs. Katy and Leah were forced to try and find a hotel room close to the O’Hare International Airport, who had just cancelled all of their flights for the night due to thunder and lightning storms. Not an easy task, but nothing that Katy and her headset can’t handle.

Back to Whole Foods: the three of us are (still) sitting here, typing away at our computers and talking on the phone. Ian, Veronica’s boyfriend who drove across country with her, is watching the Office UK on Katy’s video iPod. Leah just went and bought dinner and the cashier asked “are you guys creating the Master Plan there?” The employees think we’ve moved in. And there’s still another hour before close!

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