Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sportsman

It was a short train ride to snowy Whitstable, England and then a short cab ride to nearby Seasalter for a visit with chef Stephen Harris of The Sportsman restaurant. Steven has received international accolades for his cuisine which is quite an accomplishment for a chef that started his career rather late at 36 years old. Steven makes his own salt and makes his own butter and both were the best Jim and Dave have ever tasted. Monkshill Farm is the source of sheep and pigs for the restaurant and is close by. The sea, the source of Stephen's house made salt, is a short walk in the other direction. We hoped to take a look at the farm but with the days being so short at this time of year it was not possible. After several delicious courses brought out by Stephen's lovely girlfriend Emma we thanked our hosts and agreed it would be great to try and meet up in the spring when Stephen and Emma will be visiting California.

After another night in London we were on our way to Trealy Farm in Wales. Snow was forecast and there was concern that the roads might be icy and dangerous. A few scenic detours and near mishaps later we arrived at the farm. We met James, Ruth and Graham and enjoyed some tea in the farmhouse before a full tour of the site. Numerous sheep dotted the property set on a sunny hillside with a great view of the surroundings. We heard the tale of the hill behind the farm being the site of an important battle, the last victory of the Welsh over the English. Thankfully the two parties get along for the most part now. Ruth brought us up the hillside to view the animals and James gave us a look at the charcuterie operation.

James and Ruth of Trealy Farm with Dave

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